The slippery slope of nutrition

attack oil salt and sugar

Something new has taken over the vegan movement. It is something that everyone seems to be talking in these days. Maybe you noticed too?

There are vegans who are positioning against oil

(“The oil will kill you, destroy you, including the tiny oil droplet.’s Death a liquid clog arteries”)

Other vegans sound the whistle against fat.

(“No, not just oil.. All just throw my fat linseed wish I could go back and not eat these sunflower seeds last week”)

Other vegans are going on about the dark side of the carb.

(“Oh, the real problem is the carbs and no fat, potatoes, rice, fruit, no matter what type: The carbs are the enemy and put you obese”)

Other expose to the world the dangers of gluten.

(“Not all carbohydrates are the devil.’s Just gluten that will destroy your body, based on your health. The rest is fine”)

Other vegans will close the curtains to sodium.

(“For what reason nobody mentions sodium!!?”)

There are vegans who are leading an attack on the sugar.

(“Oh, come on, come? Sugar is the real problem. Only a few grains of sugar will instantly intoxicate”)

There are other vegans who educate the world about acidic foods.

(“You should really worry versus alkaline foods are acidic. That’s the problem. Can not die if your blood is alkaline. It is a known fact. Equal acid to death.”)

There are other vegans educating the masses about the dangers of cooked food.

(“Oh, please Why are all dancing around the truth all about enzymes:? Cook food over 104 degrees destroys the above and is nutritionally void End of story..”)

It used to be that vegans were people concerned with social justice and expose the roots of the unjust privileges. We have worked to change how society conceptualizes other animals, in getting people to see the unnecessary and widespread and entrenched systematic violence against them, and that is almost invisible. We thought we had a lot of work to do, but it turns out we’ve been very negligent being an important area requiring our attention: be nutritionally superior to our neighbor.

Although no more. Now apparently many vegans it is consumed in making policing each other and the world consumption of carbohydrate versus fat intake, satanic properties of salt versus the sinister bases of the sweets, the real persuasive message of a compassionate life has lost in a swirl of paranoia polluted and disturbed thoughts.

I think this insidious demonization of our panorama-food environment of shame and judgment, poses and nutrition-tirria deeply weakens and restricts our efforts to build a caring culture, a dynamic veganism.

Unless there is something radical and unusual in a body, as that person has serious allergies or addictions, a little oil, a little sugar, or some carbs hardly kill anyone. It just will not happen. This absolutist thinking based on fear is not rooted in science or facts. Although alarmism sells many books. It is difficult to sell to the famous doctors and gurus welfare if they do not build a base demonizing something, fats, carbs, cooked food, and need a solid hook to be heard above the din of the other famous and skilled doctors seeking their welfare part of (low sugar diet, gluten free, raw) pie. They also know that the buying public needs something to assemble, is easy to understand, to help them stay motivated.

I’ve seen vegans become vicious absolute while others trounced defending beliefs and dietary health claim as true, I’ve seen vegans attack each other cruelly and staff in public, intimidating ways, things I had not seen since my school days, by nutritional or body size trifles as if his opponent was a abusadorr of animals instead of, um, someone who occasionally eats rice. I have no doubt that our country eat too much protein, too much fat, too much processed food, and that it is not recommended for anyone’s health. Nor do I have doubts that health experts have helped many people. to which being at the gates of death been educated in a healthier lifestyle.I’m not arguing that and I have much gratitude for those who helped people to move away from meat or animal products to give them a new lease on their lives. Nevertheless I remain skeptical that a bit of “this or that” is mortal or even negative for most people. His followers make these statements as if they were facts, but the passionate beliefs about something that does not make something a fact. Instead, it becomes a form of fanaticism and, because we are still a small minority in the population, then this is associated with veganism among the general public already believes that our lifestyle is extreme and requires similar to that of a monk who lives on top of a mountain discipline.

The implications here are harmful: the fusion of veganism, which has its core foundational beliefs rooted in non-violence, equality and justice-with random diet plans that are being promoted by several doctors or gurus vegan weight loss. Veganism has nothing to do with being gluten-free, fat-free or raw foodist and need not be aware of this intertwining with whatever diet we consider optimal. Years ago, when the raw diet was becoming Great Thing, I heard a lot of confusion by the general public because of this connection between veganism and diet: “Wait, so vegans do not eat anything cooked? Is that true? “‘m Starting to hear the same general confusion about vegans not consume gluten. Now begin to also believe that people are somehow “less vegan” if you use oil?What is all broccoli saute in a little olive oil with animal exploitation? What does the BMI of someone with institutionalized cruelty we inflict on other animals? Correct: Absolutely nothing.

We should be doing everything possible to eliminate barriers to a compassionate lifestyle, not putting more arbitarios and personal obstacles that have nothing to do with it. There are already many cultural and personal leaps that many people find overwhelming and intimidating, why should we make things difficult we doing even less attainable to veganism? If people want that this is a personal club that revolves around purity restrictions, dietary absolutism and ashamed of their own body, then that’s what it is, but is not helping the animals. These disorders of thought (no doubt promoted by our own sick society) have come to wrap veganism and I saw the shame, anxiety, confusion and isolation that this engenders. To that veganism thrive and grow, you need to be expansive and accessible, not less. As time passes, I am more and more sure to be aware and intelligent with our message should be our priorities as effective advocates. When we use the same kind of outrage to talk about potatoes or olive oil to speak of violence against other animals and the planet, something has caused our priorities become chaotic

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Through the eyes of a vegan

Vegan Point interview Xoxe Parga Gomez, spokesman for Animal Catalunya, Equality vegan activist organization and animal rights.

Xoxe is a cheerful, communicative and committed person who has much to tell us, we invite you to see the world through the eyes of a vegan, and why not to say, a great person.

  • Before you begin, please tell us who Xoxe Gomez Parga

Soon it will be 6 years of the day I decided to become vegan. I am an activist of the international animal rights organization Animal Equality. ‘m Galician, although several years ago living in Catalonia since. I work bringing the administration and accounting of a small construction company. I like weird movies, reading, traveling and food Gopal.;

  • Why vegan?

Become a vegan was the practical answer to a theory I had internalized all time and it was a very simple moral stance. Others not do so in any case I’d like to do to me 
I firmly believe that most human we abide by this maxim, but since childhood we are taught that the “other” no other animals and therefore we have not considered. As you discover that other animals also have their own interests, they feel and suffer, they also want to enjoy life, veganism is a logical consequence.

  • When did you decide to encourage you to change your lifestyle?

6 years ago I spent a documentary Visione with a friend. It was “Earhtlings”. I was shocked with what they showed. Immediately after seeing it I began to relativize what he had seen because it is hard to think that you are the promoter of what there are seeing. I thought it would be very exceptional cases chosen for effect on my conscience and the common rule would be that. So I mentioned it to my friend. Then she looked at me and said: “I do not need it generally with happens to one animal and knowing that I can help it can not continue to fund it.” This was a slap to my conscience. 
Thereafter they spent a few days until I decided to be vegan. Then, too, I discovered they were not exceptions but widespread animal abuse situations.

  • Did you found it difficult?

The truth is no. I do not mean this to anyone that is going to be, but my experience is that it was very easy, in fact the early days do shopping list became fun. I started to try many foods that had never been part of my diet, I took it as Indiana Jones rediscovering the supermarket lol. Then, of course, go to Mercadona becomes more routine and boring thing in the world as ever.

  • What you most like about being vegan?

Of course what I like about being vegan is knowing that I’m putting my bit for a more just world.

  • And the hardest?

I think for me the hardest part of being vegan is misunderstood by some people, how society minimizes therefore something as important as number of victims suffering from them. This is the most painful for me.

  • Is milk and organic eggs were an option for you?

I was vegetarian when I took the step to veganism. I grew up on a small farm with cows that were used as producers of milk and knew what his final destination.No cow will be retired in the green pastures, all end up in the slaughterhouse when your milk does not cover the cost of food. Also remember exactly how they had to make them pregnant and give birth to keep producing milk, as well as all mammalian Works: give milk to raise our baby. The calves go directly to feedlots to be killed within a few months. Veal is a byproduct of milk, ecological and intensive. 
hens when they stop being productive you feel the same, will also be sent to the slaughterhouse.

Besides all this on my mind was something that made me think it was not only against them to death, but in life snatch. They only have one life, and it only fair that they themselves masters of their own destiny and can live in freedom. Something you internalize is that no one should own anyone’s life.

  • What do you think would be the 3 main things to consider when you decide to be vegan?

The first of these is to be clear about why and for whom you do it. This will help you cope with any situation or misunderstanding. Then add understanding on our part to the rest of society, often indignant us to others because they see the same things as us and we think that we have not born vegan and many people know the real situation of the other animals. Finally I tomártelo as a constant learning.

  • What is the non-human animal has touched you more closely? Why?

It was a cat named Guyus. It was she who taught me to be vegan, who made ​​me realize more than any great article or essay that logic any great theory … she knew I teach more than any book. 
I discovered with her ​​that we had many things in common that We both liked the touch, we both felt that the small face of pain that we got tired, we liked to play, we felt curious about things we do not know, we love the sun and heat, warm blankets when you cold … I saw quickly in it that other who consider. 
I think any animal that we stop viewing as a resource and see it as a partner we will actually teach how valuable your life and therefore it will be easy to understand that the lives of all other animals is also valuable, although we do not know them.

  • How do you feel in your day to day being vegan?

The truth is that being vegan is something that’s already in me as a routine. I wish I could say that my life is tremendously interesting to consume this or any other product, but my life is still as boring as before … I’m afraid this does not fix it or put it in another shopping jejejeje 
What we do It has changed my life is to be more activist. This has made ​​itself known to have exceptional people in many ways. People who admire because dedicate their time, effort and energy to fight for those we may not even thanks. A fight that has no social recognition that others have. I honestly think that activists who are involved in this struggle are the most caring and unselfish of all movement.

  • Do you feel that this movement is growing?

I’m growing and it does so exponentially. When I had just made ​​vegan places you can go to buy things. Now, at least here in Barcelona, ​​and we have several vegan restaurants and food stores. We bakeries, ice cream shops have signs that highlight their having vegan ice cream, pizza, clothing and accessories, cosmetics brands beginning to include the symbol “vegan” in their products. I think this is a good indicator. 
Moreover, at least in Animal Equality activists every week come new acts we do on Saturdays. This is the best of all. Every Saturday a new person coming to claim, with their time and effort, which is fair to the other animals.This is what we must continue to encourage stronger than ever. Although the pace is far below what we would like it to be and what animals need to be the percentage grows and keep growing.

  • Is there anything else you want to tell us?

I would like to end with one of my favorite quotes and enclosing what is veganism for me:

“When we remember other liberation movements ns like to think that, had he been there, would have been abolitionists or suffragists, or at least would not have cooperated with oppression, or we would have ignored the issue. We did not arrive on time. Now we have another opportunity, that of the least bloody revolution in history. And we are not asked to risk life, even jail. Simply, we choose another item on the menu “(Paula Casal)

Growing old is not a disease…

I have seen a lot of young people trying not to notice old people. As if we have a disease. But let me tell you, young ones, you will also get old and when that time comes you’ll realize that growing old is not a disease but a “real” challenge.

Philippines: A Paradise for Vegetarian Seniors

According to a survey conducted by the Vegetarian Resource Group, 40% said that they often order a dish without meat, fowl or fish. Approximately 5% of the country’s population claimed that they never eat meat, poultry, fish, and seafood. Based on this figure, half of these vegetarians are also vegan, which means that they don’t eat eggs and dairy as well.

Most of the seniors in the United States have become vegans or vegetarians because of health purposes. Aside from changing their diet, most of the seniors also started making plans for their retirement. Seeking advice from reputable retirement centers like Aviva is easier because they usually offer several options on how you will receive your income or pension. After choosing a plan, the next step is to find a vegetarian-friendly retirement center.

In the United States, Tennessee is the best state for retirees according to ABC News. Next is Louisiana, which is known for having more than 80 vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Ranking third is South Dakota which is probably the safest place to live in the country because of its low crime rate and it also offers delectable vegan food.

Despite the many choices in location, some American seniors prefer staying in a foreign country such as the Philippines because of its warm climate, affordability, and fresh vegetables. Whether you’re planning to reside permanently or just stay for a long time in the Philippines, here are some retirement homes that are suited for vegetarian seniors:

Club Balai Isabel

This green haven is situated in Talisay, Batangas and will be the future home of the first Asian Eco Village. Since the vegetarian-friendly village isn’t open yet, seniors can stay in Club Balai Isabel’s cottages and villas where they can take advantage of the resort’s scrumptious vegetarian meals and other facilities including lakeside cabanas, swimming pools, fitness course, and nature walks.

Wellness Place

For seniors that need special care, they can stay at the Wellness Place, which is located in Phil Am Estates in Quezon City. All the rooms here are air-conditioned and includes healthy meals including vegetarian dishes. The elderly can get proper nursing care at Wellness Place and they can also join the exercise programs and other social activities in this center.